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Our Investment in Resemble AI

Resemble AI

By Marc Silberman (Partner) and Ryan Lee (Principal)

Comcast Ventures is excited by a future in which AI is not only a behind-the-scenes optimizer and augmenter of tasks, but also a tool that makes digital products feel more natural and relatable.

To help build a foundation for that future, earlier this year, we announced our investment in Hume, an expressive communication toolkit for developers.

Now we’re announcing our investment in Resemble AI, an enterprise-focused generative audio platform that dramatically simplifies the process of creating human-realistic synthetic voices. Our investment is part of Resemble’s Series A round, led by Javelin Venture Partners, with participation from Craft Ventures and Ubiquity Ventures.

As our Comcast LIFT Labs colleagues noted when announcing their recent Generative AI Accelerator, artificial intelligence isn’t a shiny new thing at Comcast. For years, our Applied AI team has been driving long-term research efforts in areas like voice interfaces (such as the Xfinity Voice Remote), multi-modal machine learning, and personalized recommendations.

We believe Resemble’s enterprise-ready platform, deep technical expertise, and unwavering commitment to ethical AI development are highly complementary to Comcast’s long-term AI ambitions. On the product side, we’re particularly excited about how Resemble has enabled the safe and ethical deployment of generative AI, both in the enterprise and beyond. Examples include Resemble’s tech-enabled user consent requirement to replicate voices and Resemble Detect, a newly released model trained to identify deepfake audio in real-time.

Resemble’s team — led by Co-Founders Zohaib Ahmed (CEO) and Saqib Muhammad (COO) — combines impressive technical expertise with experience scaling AI tools within some of the world’s largest organizations. This unique combination gives us confidence that this is the right team to achieve the company’s stated mission of “making interactions with digital products as human and natural as possible.”