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Our Investment in NLX

From left to right, NLX Co-founders Andrei Papancea, Vlad Papancea and Peter Szerzo

By Marc Silberman, Comcast Ventures 

The Comcast Ventures team is pleased to announce our investment in NLX, as part of their recent Series A financing, joining an impressive and diverse group of investors, including Cercano, IAG Capital Partners, JetBlue Ventures, and others.

NLX is a conversational AI platform that is transforming how people interact with brands through natural language. Their platform enables enterprises to build, deploy, and manage conversational AI across multiple channels, leveraging a low-code, cloud-native, and scalable approach that can handle complex and dynamic engagements across various domains.

Since first meeting CEO and Chief Product Officer Andrei Papancea last March, it’s been impressive to see NLX continuously make progress with new features, new partners, and new customers. Through the company’s participation in our LIFT Labs Accelerator last year, teams across Comcast were able to engage with NLX.  We’ve been able to learn from their leadership as they continue to deploy scalable and interactive AI applications. In fact, Comcast’s HR team is now leveraging NLX’s technology to power conversational interactions with its own employees, giving them a 24/7 self-service chat option for employee inquiries.

“Through the Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs accelerator, we’ve been able to see how consistent, frictionless self-service experiences can add value back to brands by strengthening the consumer relationship and improving brand perception, one interaction at a time,” said Papancea. “The program was invaluable given the real-time feedback and hands-on programming that taught us the importance of product agility and meeting the needs of enterprise customers.”

We’re excited to continue supporting NLX as they explore how to better create seamless, more personalized interactions leveraging connectivity and emerging technologies like Generative AI.