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COVID-19 Resources and Tools

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Comcast Ventures’ portfolio companies respond to the needs of consumers and businesses during the COVID-19 crisis

Start-up founders and their teams are known to move fast, forge partnerships, and tap unlimited creativity to do what they do best — solve problems. Their commitment to building technology and offering services and products that improve the way we work and live is more important now than ever before. Here are some ways our portfolio companies are responding to COVID-19.

Promoting Health and Wellness

K Health is a medical app using AI to give immediate answers to health questions and access to primary care. The company is offering 14-days of free access to consult with U.S. doctors in addition to a risk assessment and information about testing centers near you. Use this link and code: COVID19.

Shine is an award-winning app created for people with anxiety and depression. Since coronavirus started to take over the headlines, the founders noticed an influx of users engaging in anxiety-related content. In response, and in partnership with Mental Health America, Shine launched a free, responsive destination for people to take care of their mental health during the coronavirus pandemic. Join hundreds of thousands of people already visiting

Supporting Small Businesses

Camino Financial expects COVID-19 to hit small businesses hard. The team is meeting with business owners to help them face short and long-term challenges by assessing financial stability, providing access to bridge loans, and giving expert advice. The company’s motto is — “No Business Left Behind.” Resource links can be found in this CEO Community Letter

Lendio is the largest small business loan marketplace in the U.S. and is seeing a record volume of businesses seeking loans during the COVID-19 crisis. In the week following the World Health Organization’s declaration of the coronavirus pandemic, small business owners requested more than $1.6 billion in capital through the Lendio platform alone. The Lendio blog highlights important information here: “Everything you need to know about SBA COVID-19 loans”

SevenRooms is a data-driven hospitality platform that combines operations, marketing and guest engagement tools to help operators maximize profits, build brand loyalty, and enable personalized guest experiences. With so many restaurants navigating mandated closures, SevenRooms is offering a direct digital ordering solution for delivery and pick-up orders called Direct Delivery. For 90 days, restaurants can use the technology platform for free to generate revenue, increase profit per order, and boost order frequency: SevenRooms Direct Delivery

Providing Services to Communities in Need

Because Market offers direct-to-consumer bladder protection and personal care products for older adults. The risk of serious complications and death from COVID-19 is higher in older age groups, and several states have called on millions of older adults to stay at home. Because Market is making it easier for those at-risk to avoid busy stores with bare shelves by providing bladder protection products in addition to hand sanitizers and wipes. The team is offering a free trial. Visit or call (855) 231–4448.

Blueland creates direct-to-consumer, eco-friendly cleaning products and soaps that help reduce plastic waste. The company has seen an increase in sales in recent weeks. For effective removal of bacteria and viruses, here’s Blueland’s advice.

Do I Need To Use Antibacterial Or Disinfectant Cleaning Products?

Hippo Insurance brings homeowners closer to a modern home insurance experience with an efficient online purchase experience using trusted data sources, a smart home device kit included with every policy, and more coverage for possessions like electronics and home offices. Hippo believes in bringing together home wellness with its home insurance for even more protective benefits for today’s homeowners. The team has created a comprehensive online toolbox focused on helping people maintain a healthy, functioning home during recent COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders:

Nextdoor is a local hub for neighbors to communicate and help one another. In March, Nextdoor’s engagement grew with global daily active members increasing more than 80% month over month. The company launched two new features to make it easier to ask for help, find neighbors in need, and organize volunteers: Nextdoor Help Map and Groups

Nextdoor Groups and Help Map

Promoting Financial Security

Acorns encourages financial wellness by giving consumers an easy-to-use way to set aside and invest spare money. The Acorns team is providing answers to questions about how to strategically save or invest during this period of market volatility. Find insight into topics like navigating unemployment benefits to knowing risks of selling stocks here: The Grow Acorns Blog

Quantifind is a data science company focused on financial crimes applications. Their machine learning platform is able to detect a rise in fraud, scams, and ensuing money laundering as the COVID-19 crisis escalates. The Quantifind team is offering the use of its Batch API for free to financial institutions, allowing them to triage daily alerts and focus resources where there is the highest risk. Read more about it on Quantifind’s blog.

Helping us Stay Productive

How To Use Hive To Work From Home, Quarantine | Hive

Hive is a project management and workplace productivity solution. As people move from the office to the home, Hive has seen a 74% increase in use of its platform in cities hardest hit by COVID-19. The team is providing information on how to streamline emails and run efficient remote meetings as well as offering 2 months of service for free to the CV community. Reach out to

Modsy is an online design platform that takes photos of your space and creates 3D digital renderings that consumers can actually shop from. With many offices closed and workers trying to balance work and home life, Modsy has created blogs on topics like setting up a home office to ways to be productive while working from home. The team is offering the CV community 15% off design packages with this code: COMCAST15

Keeping us Informed

dot.LA is a tech-focused media site providing news to entrepreneurs in the Los Angeles area. In addition to its tech focus, Dot.LA is now offering continuous coverage on the coronavirus pandemic. Its reporters are following the latest health reports, government orders, and what local companies are doing to help those impacted by the virus. Read dot.LA for free.

Tape provides video-over-sms technology. Since the coronavirus outbreak, Tape has seen a 10x increase in use. The team is helping universities, political campaigns, churches, and organizations get face-to-face information out quickly and safely during the COVID-19 crisis. Tape is providing a video library of coronavirus tips and offering free use of the platform for public health announcements: TryTape CoronaSupport

Comcast Ventures is a venture capital firm with a 20-year history investing in consumer, enterprise, and frontier technology companies. We are all in this together — helping people, businesses, and communities survive and soon thrive during this unprecedented time.

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