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Our Investment in AI21

By Marc Silberman (Partner) 

At Comcast Ventures, we continue to keep a focus on AI and how companies are using this emerging and evolving technology to benefit enterprises and consumers alike.

We have invested across the ecosystem, partnering with category-defining companies like Hume (an expressive communication toolkit for developers) and Resemble AI (which simplifies the process of creating human-realistic synthetic voices).

This layers on top of what we’re seeing in teams across Comcast that are exploring and learning about AI. From our joint effort with Broadcom to develop the world’s first AI-powered access network, to Comcast’s investment in Reality Defender (a startup that detects deepfakes) as well as the outstanding work our LIFT Labs colleagues are doing to facilitate innovative partnerships with emerging AI startups, there is a building momentum around AI’s applications.

Representative of our interest in this category, we are excited to announce CV’s investment in AI21, a leader in generative AI and LLMs, with an aligned mission to empower consumers and businesses with state-of-the-art LLMs and AI applications. As CV Managing Partner Allison Goldberg noted in AI21’s funding announcement, one of the things that stood out most to us is the undeniable strength of the A21 team, as evidenced by their ability to build and scale great products – both for consumers and enterprises.

We’re lucky at CV to have a broad network we can leverage to identify up-and-coming startups and innovators. In fact, Daniel Czertok, who supports the New Technologies and Partnerships team at Comcast, introduced CV to the AI21 team – which we’re very thankful for!

We look forward to partnering with the AI21 team – including founders Ori Goshen and Yoav Shoham – as they help define how AI empowers enterprises.